Hello!  I am Alex! Wife and Mother to two beautiful boys. Photographing babies and bellies is my absolute passion. I use organic lighting and minimal props to capture naturally pure moments in an array of gentle hues and tones. Being based out of Brooksville, FL allows me the flexibility to travel to any venue in Central Florida, making each session personal and unique. My photography journey started in 2008. Growing out of my 8 megapixel bright pink point and shoot Fujifilm, and only 16 years old at the time, it wasn't easy coming up with a big sum of money. I saved every penny I made selling knitted phone cozies and bought my first Canon. It was love at first sight. Everything looked so beautiful and pure through the lens. I started taking on little projects here and there and discovered my love for expecting mothers and their babies. Every aspect of Pregnancy, Birth and Babies amazes me.